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Whole Life Insurance

The Value of Whole Life in a Portfolio

Whole life can help round out a client’s portfolio, offering advantages many other assets don’t.

Low level of risk
• Low risk as compared to other assets
• Not impacted by market performance, providing an opportunity to be more aggressive in other areas of a portfolio
Access to cash value
• Cash value grows tax-deferred and can be accessed income-tax-free, in most cases, at any time for any reason
• A good source of income during market downturns
Security for loved ones
• Income-tax-free death benefit paid to beneficiaries probate-free
• Death benefit can be ideal for wealth transfer, which means other assets can be spent down

The Power of Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance can be a great addition to a client’s portfolio, helping to offset taxable and market-based assets while providing the predictability and guarantees your clients are looking for.

Key Benefits
• Guaranteed lifetime protection
• Premiums that are guaranteed to never increase
• Guaranteed cash value accumulation
• Customization and flexibility through optional riders
• Potential for dividends

Diversified Retirement Income Sources

Market volatility presents a real risk to all retired individuals and those preparing for retirement.
If a client needs to utilize retirement income when the market is down, they are essentially “locking-in” those losses, which can negatively impact their retirement assets.
This concept highlights how diversification can help strengthen your client’s overall retirement portfolio.1 By integrating another source of income into your client’s retirement distribution strategy that’s not directly impacted by market fluctuations, they now have the flexibility to take income from another source during down markets while allowing time for the investments to recover.

Key Benefits
• Tax-deferred growth of policy cash value
• Income-tax-free source of retirement income
• Provides valuable income-tax-free death benefit protection


What are life insurance dividends?

Some companies pay dividends on their whole life insurance. These are payments made by an insurance company to eligible policyholders on an annual basis. Although they’re never guaranteed, a company’s ability to pay them says a lot about how financially strong they are.

What is Penn Mutual’s track record of paying dividends?
Penn Mutual has consistently paid dividends to eligible policyholders for more than 170 years. They distributed a dividend payout of $123 million to eligible policyholders in 2022.

How can whole life dividends be used?
As an eligible policyholder, you could receive dividends income-tax free- and use them any way you want.
• Purchase additional insurance
• Use toward future premium payments
• Take as cash